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The restaurant is located right on the beach of the Amara hotel, just after Amathus ruins. It offers relaxing and cozy atmosphere and comfortable sunbeds, too. The space has been renovated in May 2023 and has been given a fresh look. They have lounge music playing all the time, which isn't as loud as in many other 'party' beach venues. The service is not quick by any means but it's well managed, just allocate enough time for the visit. There's a parking space just nearby, as well as free showers and beautiful toilets.

This is a traditional taverna with owners serving to the guests.

The restaurant is located in the Pyrgos village. It's very simple with plastic chairs and usually empty. The owners cook the food and serve the guests themselves. This is a place for locals who don't like loud city venues.

The menu has some local grilled dishes and freshly caught fish (even barbouni, which isn't on the menu).

This is a trout farm featuring a restaurant in the beginning of a trail to the Kaledonia waterfall.

The restaurant is huge and very traditional. It's located in the trees shadows near the stream of water, so it's perfect to visit in the hot summer heat. It's family owned and you might have the owners serving you dishes. It's quite often fully booked and closes early.

This is my favorite place for local cuisine in Nicosia.

The restaurant might look like an ordinary Giros take-away, but you would be pleasantly surprised by the quality of food, service and free deserts which they give you if you sit it. The seating is vast and usually full with locals, who are enjoying the Cypriot cuisine not spoiled by tourists, but enriched by marinades and flavors.

This is an old Limassol touristic place, but it's better than many of similar ones nearby.

The restaurant boasts a fantastic sea view on top of the cliff. It's old, but airy and clean, and the service is great and the food is fresh and tasty. The prices are lower than you would expect of such a place.

The menu specializes in fish but has all traditional Cypriot dishes.

This is my favorite Greek restaurant in Limassol.

The restaurant, or meze tavern as they call themselves, is located in the square in front of Limassol Agora food court. It's outside only, so better come in good weather (and not on Mondays when they're closed). The service is fantastic - fast and friendly. It's always full with locals, so make sure to reserve. There's no parking nearby, so find a place in advance.

This is a typical meze tavern with a fireplace and a friendly service.

The restaurant is located up on the hill above Limassol. It's not as expensive as some Limassol restaurants and not so far from the town as some village ones. So there's always plenty of locals ready to enjoy dry souvlas, sour olives and bitter asparagus.

The menu is non-existent. You can only get a meze there.

This is a beautiful European-with-a-twist restaurant located in a courtyard around some old building.

The restaurant is modern but cozy. It's usually full of locals and tourists, because it's a hip one. The service is OK, granted they have so many people to cope with. The interior is really fantastic for a date with a loved one, with the dimmed lights and tables far away from each other.

This traditional taverna can serve as a starting point to the exploration of the Greek cuisine in Larnaca.

The restaurant is located on the sea road near the beautiful Larnaca castle and St. Lazarus Church. Its friendly veranda overlooks the sea and it's also quite pleasant inside the historical building during the heat waves.

This is THE place to try the fish meze in Cyprus, although you can get some great meat there, too.

The restaurant is located on the beautiful White stones beach. It's better to visit it on the weekend and allocate at least 3-5 hours to enjoy it. You would prefer to start from relaxing on the beach and then enjoy a full course with your friends.