Militzis Traditional Tavern

This traditional taverna can serve as a starting point to the exploration of the Greek cuisine in Larnaca.

The restaurant is located on the sea road near the beautiful Larnaca castle and St. Lazarus Church. Its friendly veranda overlooks the sea and it's also quite pleasant inside the historical building during the heat waves.

The menu is mostly based on the dishes cooked in the traditional kleftiko ovens which can be spotted outside. You will find everything you would want to taste here, from mousaka to kleftiko of different kind, to whole roasted lamb and pork. The service is very professional and fast, however keep in mind it's a very popular place, so it's better to avoid rush hours on the Friday or Saturday evenings.

Personally I would walk around till I'm hungry and then start with the grilled halloumi cheese and after that share a mousaka and kleftiko between a company of four. Don't expect grilled fish, this place specializes in meat.

The portions are large, even by Cyprus standards. It's best to come hungry and with your friends. The dishes are also very cheap, especially compared to the Limassol restaurants. They taste wonderful, just like the fresh and traditional cuisine should be.

The score: taste 8/10, value 9/10, coziness 8/10

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