Agios Georgios Alamanou Fish Tavern

This is THE place to try the fish meze in Cyprus, although you can get some great meat there, too.

The restaurant is located on the beautiful White stones beach. It's better to visit it on the weekend and allocate at least 3-5 hours to enjoy it. You would prefer to start from relaxing on the beach and then enjoy a full course with your friends.

The menu is pretty standard for a Cyprus fish taverna. It boasts several types of fish and meat meze, as well as some other standard Cyprus dishes. If you don't feel confident of yourself or don't have enough friends to try the meze, you are still good to go.

Just try the mussels in the creamy sauce or some barbouni, both of them being fresh, aromatic and finger-licking-delicious. Lamb chops and the pork chop is, quite surprisingly, also great.

Personally I would bring 3-4 friends with me and eat the fish meze with cold white wine Xinisteri.

The portions are a big advantage of the place. The meze is better for 3-4 people, otherwise you would find yourself with pretty big take-away bag and something to eat for tomorrow, too. The meat portions are also huge, which has come to me as a surprise.

The score: taste 8/10, value 8/10, coziness 9/10

Agios Georgios Alamanou Fish Tavern

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