Mostra meze tavern

This is my favorite Greek restaurant in Limassol.

The restaurant, or meze tavern as they call themselves, is located in the square in front of Limassol Agora food court. It's outside only, so better come in good weather (and not on Mondays when they're closed). The service is fantastic - fast and friendly. It's always full with locals, so make sure to reserve. There's no parking nearby, so find a place in advance.

The menu is unique in the way it offers all the dishes in small portions for 3-5 EUR. That means you can choose any combination of your favorite dishes to build that very special meze suited only for your taste. Your friends can take fish, you can take chicken and you can share some entrees and still it would be cheaper, faster and fresher than a normal meze.

Personally I would take a grilled aubergines salad and flour-fried zucchini for the starters. I would then take some barbouni fish or marinated chicken for the main course with a side dish of potato wedges fried in olive oil.

Everything is just so much tastier than in other tavernas - the aubergines salad smells like fire, the zucchini are fried in flour and served with garlic mashed potatoes, the chicken is juicy and smells wonderful with their special sauce (they grill it first to make it crunchy, then add the sauce). The potato is just the best in the island because it's not french fries.

The portions are smaller than in our places, but cheaper, meaning you can try several dishes all by yourself. They also give you the desserts for free!

The score: taste 9/10, value 10/10, coziness 6/10

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