Pasalimani Fish Restaurant

This is an old Limassol touristic place, but it's better than many of similar ones nearby.

The restaurant boasts a fantastic sea view on top of the cliff. It's old, but airy and clean, and the service is great and the food is fresh and tasty. The prices are lower than you would expect of such a place.

The menu specializes in fish but has all traditional Cypriot dishes.

Personally I would start with a fresh salad, then take a freshly grilled tsipoura (dorada) fish or equally fresh mouthwatering lamb chops. Actually, I was very pleasantly surprised when I tasted slightly pink but crunchy lamb. My friends were equally delighted by the grilled fish and the gorgeous view.

The portions are standard Cypriot large size. The price is OK, cheaper than in most of the nearby places. They also gave us free local deserts, which were yummy.

The score: taste 7/10, value 8/10, coziness 9/10

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