Forsos Tavern

This is a typical meze tavern with a fireplace and a friendly service.

The restaurant is located up on the hill above Limassol. It's not as expensive as some Limassol restaurants and not so far from the town as some village ones. So there's always plenty of locals ready to enjoy dry souvlas, sour olives and bitter asparagus.

The menu is non-existent. You can only get a meze there.

Personally I would go there in the winter with a big company of locals or some tourist friends to show them the nice Cypriot tradition of meze. I wouldn't bother to go again with the family. The meze consists of plenty of uneatable vegetables, green stone-hard tomatoes in the salad, some dry souvla and sausages. The only three dishes I liked were halloumi with bacon, ravioli and sweets - loukoumania.

Don't forget to book your table and request to sit near the fireplace in the winter.

The portions are huge, as expected.

The score: taste 6/10, value 6/10, coziness 8/10

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