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The restaurant is located in the beautiful Limassol Marina but lacks the sea view. It has a big outside terrace with the open bar and an inside area. The place has opened just recently and attracts a lot of crowd, so make sure to reserve a table before coming. The design is virtually non-existent, no eye-candies or interesting furniture. The service is OK, however because it's crowded allocate enough time for waiting. Also if you haven't reserved you would be greeted by a rude host. The parking in the nearby Marina is paid.

The restaurant is located right on the beach of the Amara hotel, just after Amathus ruins. It offers relaxing and cozy atmosphere and comfortable sunbeds, too. The space has been renovated in May 2023 and has been given a fresh look. They have lounge music playing all the time, which isn't as loud as in many other 'party' beach venues. The service is not quick by any means but it's well managed, just allocate enough time for the visit. There's a parking space just nearby, as well as free showers and beautiful toilets.

This is a trout farm featuring a restaurant in the beginning of a trail to the Kaledonia waterfall.

The restaurant is huge and very traditional. It's located in the trees shadows near the stream of water, so it's perfect to visit in the hot summer heat. It's family owned and you might have the owners serving you dishes. It's quite often fully booked and closes early.

This is a fish restaurant for a gorgeous family diner.

The restaurant is located on a busy Griva Digeni street, nothing fancy inside or outside. They offer huge and cheap combo platters with prawns or fish. Make sure to come hungry and with your family or friends, as most of the platters are there to be shared. The service is OK.

This is an old Limassol touristic place, but it's better than many of similar ones nearby.

The restaurant boasts a fantastic sea view on top of the cliff. It's old, but airy and clean, and the service is great and the food is fresh and tasty. The prices are lower than you would expect of such a place.

The menu specializes in fish but has all traditional Cypriot dishes.

This is an overpriced Limassol seafood bar for tourists and hip ladies.

The restaurant is located on the seashore and boasts a great sea view. The quality of the service you get depends on the waiter and ranges from OK-ish to mediocre.

The menu contains everything you would want from a seafood bar. It has fresh oysters, mussels, calamari and other fish varieties.

This is THE place to try the fish meze in Cyprus, although you can get some great meat there, too.

The restaurant is located on the beautiful White stones beach. It's better to visit it on the weekend and allocate at least 3-5 hours to enjoy it. You would prefer to start from relaxing on the beach and then enjoy a full course with your friends.