Jimmys Killer Prawns

This is a fish restaurant for a gorgeous family diner.

The restaurant is located on a busy Griva Digeni street, nothing fancy inside or outside. They offer huge and cheap combo platters with prawns or fish. Make sure to come hungry and with your family or friends, as most of the platters are there to be shared. The service is OK.

The menu contains platters with prawns of different sizes and styles, as well as some other fish specialties like cod, mussels or calamari. They are usually grilled and served with a variety of sauces. They smell great and taste great, just like in other Jimmy's places all around the globe.

Personally I would come with my friends and share a huge combo platter of 16 or 36 medium prawns with beer or cold white wine.

The portions are enormous, even medium sized prawns are big by Cyprus standards.

The score: taste 8/10, value 8/10, coziness 5/10

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