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The restaurant is located in the beautiful Limassol Marina but lacks the sea view. It has a big outside terrace with the open bar and an inside area. The place has opened just recently and attracts a lot of crowd, so make sure to reserve a table before coming. The design is virtually non-existent, no eye-candies or interesting furniture. The service is OK, however because it's crowded allocate enough time for waiting. Also if you haven't reserved you would be greeted by a rude host. The parking in the nearby Marina is paid.

The restaurant is located right on the beach of the Amara hotel, just after Amathus ruins. It offers relaxing and cozy atmosphere and comfortable sunbeds, too. The space has been renovated in May 2023 and has been given a fresh look. They have lounge music playing all the time, which isn't as loud as in many other 'party' beach venues. The service is not quick by any means but it's well managed, just allocate enough time for the visit. There's a parking space just nearby, as well as free showers and beautiful toilets.

This is a nice and cheap pizza restaurant chain with a few locations.

The restaurant usually serves take-away because of very modest interior. There's no service as such, you order near the cash desk and wait for your fresh oven-baked pizza. There's very little waiting time, but bear in mind there's trouble parking nearby the Germasoya Sea-road place.

This is a good pizza restaurant with a nice interior and two locations: in Limassol and in Paphos.

The restaurant is located on a busy Spirou Kiprianou street. The interior is quite nice, and it's very often fully booked. Make sure you book in advance.

This is a small and unique wooden oven pizza restaurant in Limassol.

The restaurant tries to step out of the traditional Italian pizzeria concept. They have different interesting pizzas made with real Italian ingredients. The interior is OK, a bit smallish and the service is quick and friendly.

The menu has different interesting pizza varieties, like with real Italian prosciutto, buratta or artichokes.

This is a place in Limassol that shows what a pizza would like, should it be invented by Cypriots.

The restaurant is a take-away place in the center of a old city. It has quick service and virtually no sit-in options. It's usually full of locals, who enjoy their cheap pizza surrogate.

This is a huge venue in Limassol with a kids playground that disguises itself as a restaurant.

The restaurant is usually full of locals and delivery couriers. Make sure you book in advance. It's too big to be cozy, more like in a US mall. The service is poor and slow. Come there to get rid of your kids and enjoy some OK-ish pizza from a wooden oven.

This is a beautiful European-with-a-twist restaurant located in a courtyard around some old building.

The restaurant is modern but cozy. It's usually full of locals and tourists, because it's a hip one. The service is OK, granted they have so many people to cope with. The interior is really fantastic for a date with a loved one, with the dimmed lights and tables far away from each other.

This is unique and a hidden Italian gem in a cozy Cyprus village of Pyrgos. Who would have known that it has the best pizza in Limassol? Or best lasagna in Cyprus?

The restaurant is located in the cozy street corner in the Pyrgos village, just 5 minutes drive from the highway. It has a huge wooden oven and an Italian looking chef.