Pizza Mine

This is a nice and cheap pizza restaurant chain with a few locations.

The restaurant usually serves take-away because of very modest interior. There's no service as such, you order near the cash desk and wait for your fresh oven-baked pizza. There's very little waiting time, but bear in mind there's trouble parking nearby the Germasoya Sea-road place.

The menu has all kinds of very cheap oven-baked pizza. It's classical, so don't expect aubergines with stuffed mussels.

Personally I would get an Capriciosa or a Salame for take-away.

The portions are big, one pizza would feed two. The pizzas have huge amount of toppings, although I would assume they use local, not Italian ingredients - they taste a bit Cypriotey. But they are always fresh and taste great.

The score: taste 7/10, value 9/10, coziness 4/10

Date published
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