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This is a well known pub near the Aiya Napa harbour.

The pub is a big venue with three types of seating - indoor, outdoor non-smoking and outdoor smoking, and it also has a stage. They host various themed events every evening such as Michael Jackson night, Freddy Mercury night etc. One might think it's an ordinary touristic place, but in Vic they actually serve pretty decent food by Cypriot standards. The cocktail menu is also quite spectacular as one might imagine. It's usually crowded around 8PM, so make sure to reserve.

This is an old steak house on top of the Aiya Napa hill.

The restaurant is a great place for the romantic or family dinner. The service is not fast because they cook everything fresh. But it's very pleasant and professional, unlike many traditional restaurants. Book in advance, though - it's usually fully booked.

This is one of my favorite gastronomic pubs in Limassol.

The pub occupies some really huge venue divided into covered outside (smoking) area and inside (non-smoking) one. The service is one of the best in Limassol - quick and friendly. They have big TV screens with major sport events shown in HD quality.

This is a newly opened restaurant around the Limassol castle. It's a pub format, has huge TV screens and hookah after food.

The restaurant has some cozy interiors, very willing staff and a good chef. The view is nice and it's not as noisy as in other pubs.

The menu is traditional for a pub - burgers, snacks, steaks etc. Like I said, the chef is good and he tries to make each dish special with his own twist.

This is a mediocre burger place, don't waste your time on it.

The restaurant is located in the food court with some other empty neighbors. It's big, empty and looks frightening. The service is virtually non-existent, as they work mostly for the delivery purposes. It's the second worst burger in Limassol, congrats.