Nikita's Steak House

This is an old steak house on top of the Aiya Napa hill.

The restaurant is a great place for the romantic or family dinner. The service is not fast because they cook everything fresh. But it's very pleasant and professional, unlike many traditional restaurants. Book in advance, though - it's usually fully booked.

The menu has all kinds of steaks and some interesting starters like garlic mushrooms in tomato sauce. They use local beef, so don't expect US Angus here. But the cooks use all kinds of sauces to make the dishes interesting enough for anyone tired of the traditional Cyprus cuisine.

They also make a variety of proper cocktails.

Personally I would take the garlic mushrooms for the starters and a Steak Diane or a Pepper Steak. The sauce flavors are indulging and the potatoes mash on side is exquisite.

The portions are adequate for a steak house, obviously not as huge as in the traditional tavernas. The cocktails are big enough. It's not cheap, but cheaper than in Limassol's steak houses with frozen beef.

The score: taste 8/10, value 7/10, coziness 8/10

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