The Nags Head Pub - Bar

This is one of my favorite gastronomic pubs in Limassol.

The pub occupies some really huge venue divided into covered outside (smoking) area and inside (non-smoking) one. The service is one of the best in Limassol - quick and friendly. They have big TV screens with major sport events shown in HD quality.

The parking is recommended in the parking lot nearby up the street. It gets really crowded in the peak hours, so reservation is recommended. Keep in mind smoking/non-smoking areas.

The menu boasts all kinds of pub food like chicken cajouns (best in Limassol) and some wonderful, delicious, mouthwatering, huge angus beef burgers (also best). They also have steaks and one of the best bbq spare ribs.

Personally I would get some chicken started and a burger or bbq spare ribs, should I be very hungry. They ask and make sure your burger is cooked correctly - from rare to well-done.

Their rare burgers are fascinating, try them this way! No other place in Limassol does it correctly, because others use thin patties - the Nags head use juicy thick patties just like in the US. The cajouns are also just plain perfect with or without the sauce.

The portions are enormous for the price, especially the main course. The entrees are just a tad smaller, but still any dish is enough for two. The cocktails are also huge and one of the best in Limassol with OK amount of alcohol.

The score: taste 9/10, value 9/10, coziness 7/10

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