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This is a typical meze tavern with a fireplace and a friendly service.

The restaurant is located up on the hill above Limassol. It's not as expensive as some Limassol restaurants and not so far from the town as some village ones. So there's always plenty of locals ready to enjoy dry souvlas, sour olives and bitter asparagus.

The menu is non-existent. You can only get a meze there.

This is a beautiful European-with-a-twist restaurant located in a courtyard around some old building.

The restaurant is modern but cozy. It's usually full of locals and tourists, because it's a hip one. The service is OK, granted they have so many people to cope with. The interior is really fantastic for a date with a loved one, with the dimmed lights and tables far away from each other.

This is an expensive and OK-ish creperie.

The restaurant is small, with a lot of staff, who are unwilling to help. They serve mostly to deliveries. We had to wait our order for 20 minutes.

The menu has a lot of expensive crepes.

Personally I didn't like it. They were too hard and didn't smell nor taste at all like their French relatives.

This is a newly opened restaurant around the Limassol castle. It's a pub format, has huge TV screens and hookah after food.

The restaurant has some cozy interiors, very willing staff and a good chef. The view is nice and it's not as noisy as in other pubs.

The menu is traditional for a pub - burgers, snacks, steaks etc. Like I said, the chef is good and he tries to make each dish special with his own twist.

This is a mediocre burger place, don't waste your time on it.

The restaurant is located in the food court with some other empty neighbors. It's big, empty and looks frightening. The service is virtually non-existent, as they work mostly for the delivery purposes. It's the second worst burger in Limassol, congrats.

This is an overpriced Limassol seafood bar for tourists and hip ladies.

The restaurant is located on the seashore and boasts a great sea view. The quality of the service you get depends on the waiter and ranges from OK-ish to mediocre.

The menu contains everything you would want from a seafood bar. It has fresh oysters, mussels, calamari and other fish varieties.

This is THE place to try the fish meze in Cyprus, although you can get some great meat there, too.

The restaurant is located on the beautiful White stones beach. It's better to visit it on the weekend and allocate at least 3-5 hours to enjoy it. You would prefer to start from relaxing on the beach and then enjoy a full course with your friends.

This is a typical Cyprus taverna with dry meat and fried fish. No moussaka. Not worth a visit unless you live there.

The score: taste 1/10, value 5/10, coziness 1/10

This might look like another traditional Cyprus taverna, but it's more than this.

The restaurant is located on the cozy one-way street of the Pyrgos village. Keep in mind that there's no parking nearby, so be prepared to park down the street and enjoy a nice little walk around the village.

The menu is full of traditional Cyprus dishes. You can find mouthwatering moussaka, huge crispy pork chop or generous lamb chops.

This is unique and a hidden Italian gem in a cozy Cyprus village of Pyrgos. Who would have known that it has the best pizza in Limassol? Or best lasagna in Cyprus?

The restaurant is located in the cozy street corner in the Pyrgos village, just 5 minutes drive from the highway. It has a huge wooden oven and an Italian looking chef.