Jamie Oliver Kitchen Limassol

The restaurant is located in the beautiful Limassol Marina but lacks the sea view. It has a big outside terrace with the open bar and an inside area. The place has opened just recently and attracts a lot of crowd, so make sure to reserve a table before coming. The design is virtually non-existent, no eye-candies or interesting furniture. The service is OK, however because it's crowded allocate enough time for waiting. Also if you haven't reserved you would be greeted by a rude host. The parking in the nearby Marina is paid.

The menu is a traditional Jamies mix of Italian, Mediterranean and burgers. There are also some Cypriot dishes, like a pork chop. The variety is not the biggest in the city, so I would imagine coming here only 2-3 times maximum before I would become bored. Nevertheless, it's possible to choose between some salads, a bit of pasta and pizza, little variety of meat and burgers.

Personally I was there three times and got deeply disappointed each one of those. At the first time we had a pasta like Carbonara, and a burger. The pasta was dreadful and lacked any taste at all, the meat was definitely not panchetta, there was no Parmesan offered on side and overall was worse than in Columbia Plaza for 7 EUR. Unsurprisingly, the burger was heavily over-cooked (we asked medium-rare) and not juicy, the sauce was ketchup-mayo, not interesting at tall. We took Mohito cocktails, and they were dreadful, tasted like water and lacked both alcohol and mint. The dessert was OK, and tea was from the teabags server in a teapot - shame for Brits.

During our second visit we tried famous pizza and salads. The pizza was not Italian at all, and lacked taste, crunch, and didn't have enough pepperoni to feed a child. The crust was disgusting, and tasted like Cyprus pita bread. The octopus salad was OK, when warm.

During the third visit we tried a pork chop and a the meatballs spaghetti. The pork chop was OK, like in cheap Cyprus tavernas, and the spaghetti was again disappointing, the lack of taste, no Parmesan provided on side, and the meatball was like Greek keftedes.

The portions are quite big, but very expensive at the same time. I would name at least 5 restaurants with better pasta, better pizza, better burgers than here. Definitely not recommended.

The score: taste 3/10, value 5/10, coziness 3/10

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