Piatsa Gourounaki Express

This is my favorite place for local cuisine in Nicosia.

The restaurant might look like an ordinary Giros take-away, but you would be pleasantly surprised by the quality of food, service and free deserts which they give you if you sit it. The seating is vast and usually full with locals, who are enjoying the Cypriot cuisine not spoiled by tourists, but enriched by marinades and flavors.

The menu has all kinds of Giros and is great for a first taste of Greek cuisine. They make fantastic, mouthwatering lamb, pork and chicken souvlaki and Giros, as well as fresh salads and equally fresh fries.

Personally I would take a lamb or pork souvlaki or Giros and a salad. Both of them are fresh and marinated, very juicy, unlike the usually dry chicken souvlaki of other traditional places. But even chicken souvlaki is marinated and tastes better than in all other places.

The portions are generous if you include salads, fries and free deserts, if you sit it. And they are extremely cheap, too! It's a pity they have restaurant only in Nicosia.

The score: taste 9/10, value 9/10, coziness 5/10

Date published
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