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This is a typical Cyprus taverna with dry meat and fried fish. No moussaka. Not worth a visit unless you live there.

The score: taste 1/10, value 5/10, coziness 1/10

This might look like another traditional Cyprus taverna, but it's more than this.

The restaurant is located on the cozy one-way street of the Pyrgos village. Keep in mind that there's no parking nearby, so be prepared to park down the street and enjoy a nice little walk around the village.

The menu is full of traditional Cyprus dishes. You can find mouthwatering moussaka, huge crispy pork chop or generous lamb chops.

This is the Greek taverna on the sea-road of Limassol owned by real Greek (not Cypriot) family.

The restaurant might look like your average touristic area taverna, but believe me, it's worth the visit. The owner and the other staff are very friendly. The service speeds are on a slower side so don't go there if you're in a rush. The place is clean and tasty so you wouldn't want to leave soon anyway. In the winter they turn the wooden log fireplace on.

This is one of the little available inexpensive options in the Limassol Marina. They have venues in the other parts of the city, too.

The restaurant offers take-away and dine-in on the big premises. The outside terrace is quite noisy due to the always-driving cars.

The menu has a variety of options for a quick and healthy lunch. It has plenty of salads (7-9 EUR), giros (4-5 EUR) and main courses (10EUR). is a non-profit restaurant review site ran by the expats living in Limassol. Our mission is to hand-pick, try ourselves and write unbiased reviews for all interesting restaurants in Cyprus.

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