Paul cafe and bakery (Limassol)

This is a French restaurant belonging to a worldwide restaurant chain.

The cafe in Larnaca mall has quite cramped indoors seating area and spacious outdoor terrace. It's usually extremely crowded for a reason - the chain serves one of the best French cuisine in the Island. Other Paul cafes are located in Limassol and Nicosia. This has one of the best taste of the four.

Indoors it feels spacious and airy

The downsides of the place being usually crowded are obvious - long queues, waiting times, tired waitresses, noise etc. However it's worth giving it a visit anyway - just try to pick a not-so-busy time.

The menu has big breakfast variety, pastry, and of course broad lunch and dinner selections from French and international cuisines. They serve such staples as French Onion soup, Coq au Vin (seen it in Limassol), quiches, baguettes, etc. The international cuisine is presented by pasta and gorgeous burgers, as well as steaks and pork varieties.

Servings are beautiful and scratch your perfectionist itch

What has always surprised me is that they manage to cook everything to perfection, both sophisticated French dishes and simpler ones like burgers, quiches or pastry. The onion soup is gloriously served inside the bread loaf and tasted better than in Paris. The burgers are juicy, flavorful and their brioche buns are to die for. Quiche is just perfect, as is the pastry - croissants with almond or plain.

Soup is gorgeous

Personally I usually begin with a soup, and share a burger with my spouse. Alternatively when it's not very busy I might sometimes just order a cup of great cappuccino with an almond croissant. Or even take two for a take-away. The coffee is great and the atmosphere is relaxing when there's not so many people around.

Burger is extremely tasty especially for a French cafe

The portions are quite big, especially for the price and French cuisine. You can easily order one for two persons. The prices are OK, on par or better than other places nearby. Overall for this quality, taste and size it's a bargain and I'm really glad they have opened it in Limassol, too. Before that we had to travel to Larnaca just to eat there - it's that good.

Quiche is good

The score: taste 9/10, value 7/10, coziness 8/10

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