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This is an OK sushi take-away bar inside the Limassol Agora food-court.

The bar offers both take-away and dine-in options inside the Agora. It's usually not very crowded but they have plenty of delivery orders, so be prepared for at least 15-20 minutes wait in the peak hours. The service is OK.

The restaurant is located in the Old Town of Limassol, close to the Marina. It's decorated in authentic Japanese style with the wooden interior. It has an open kitchen with most of the dishes prepared on the wok. The service is quite fast and very polite. There's no parking nearby, so try to find a space before reaching the Old Town.

The restaurant is located in the picturesque Marina of Limassol. Outside dining tables offer a great view over the yachts parked nearby. The interior is nothing fancy, just some wood and glass. The service is OKish, it might be a bit slow sometimes during the peak lunch hours.

The menu mostly consists of the Japanese dishes like sushi, rolls, bowls, donburi, ramen and rice. In addition to this they have some Chinese fried noodles and some Thai dishes, too.